Icon Group and Sunsuria Healthcare partner to elevate cancer care services in Malaysia

Icon Writer / 10 Oct, 2023

Icon Group has joined with Sunsuria Healthcare in a new joint venture partnership, Icon Sunsuria Sdn Bhd, that aims to provide world-leading cancer care services and help narrow the gap in access to care in Malaysia.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Malaysia saw an estimated 48,639 new cases of cancer in 2020, [1] a number expected to double by 2040 [2]. In the agreement signed today, Icon Sunsuria will establish cancer centres across Malaysia through strategic partnerships with local healthcare operators.

Leveraging Icon Cancer Centre’s long-standing excellence in oncology and deep network of clinical expertise, Icon Sunsuria will enhance existing medical services with specialised cancer expertise, enabling patients to access comprehensive cancer care and cutting-edge treatments.

The Minister of Health Malaysia, YB Dr. Zaliha Mustafa, and Trade and Investment Commissioner to Malaysia at the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUSTRADE), Melanie Harris, and Dr Steven Barraclough, Visiting Senior Government Official at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade were on hand at the signing with YB Dr. Zaliha Mustafa noting it complemented the Malaysian National Strategic Plan for Cancer Control Program 2021-2025.

“In addition to improving the health of cancer survivors from diagnosis through to treatment, we welcome future-facing solutions that align with our strategic goals to address the country’s cancer research needs and strengthen our medical pool of talent,” said YB Dr. Zaliha Mustafa.

Tan Sri Datuk Ter Leong Yap, Founder and Executive Chairman of Sunsuria Berhad said his organisation took pride in its proactive and multi-faceted contribution to nation-
building through “forging exclusive partnerships that combine global expertise such as our partnership with Icon, supported with our local knowledge and network.”

Icon Group Chief Executive Officer Mark Middleton described today’s announcement as another important step towards achieving Icon’s mission and helping address the global cancer burden.

“At Icon, patients are at the heart of all that we do and our expansion into new markets continues to see us deliver the best cancer care, to as many people, as close to home as possible,” Mr Middleton said.

Pictured: Icon Group CEO, Mark Middleton

Icon Chief Executive Officer ASEAN and Hong Kong Serena Wee reinforced the region’s importance and the strength of the partnership.

“Since 2022, Malaysia has been our focus for ASEAN expansion and we’ve found an ideal partner in Sunsuria Healthcare, as we strive to push the boundaries of cancer care in Malaysia,” said Ms Wee.

Sunsuria Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Audrey Ooi, emphasised the shared commitment of the joint venture partners as a foundation for growth and leadership.

“Icon Sunsuria is driven by our mission to make an immediate impact on local communities,” Ms Ooi said.

“We are eager to strategically expand our network of cancer centres by partnering with local healthcare operators, doctors and specialists across the country. By embracing a comprehensive approach to cancer care, from diagnosis to treatment, we aim to bring the latest in world class cancer care to the region.”


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